DO YOU WANT YOUR MAG WHEELS TO LOOK NEW AGAIN? DO YOU WANT TO CHANGE THE COLOR OF YOUR MAG WHEELS? At Centurion Mag Repairs we offer a wide range of standard colors, OEM finishes, chrome paint finishes, color-coding, color matching, color customization and bespoke finishes. After cleaning and repairing a mag wheel, it is time for the finishing touch. We start by applying a primer coat and then the mag wheels are then placed in a baking oven. Next, the mag wheels are taken to the spray booth where the desired color like your standard color, OEM color, customized color, two tone color or design is sprayed on. Then, the mag wheels are taken to the baking oven where the mags are baked once again. The mag wheels are removed from the oven and painted a protective lacquer for that finishing touch. The protective lacquer can be sprayed in three finishes such as high gloss finish, satin finish and a matt finish.  The rims are heated in the oven to a pre-set temperature and then removed to cool down. Once cooled, tyres can be fitted and balanced.