Centurion Mag Repairs are capable of fixing almost any damage from minor curb rash to sever pothole impacts such as cracked wheels. Don’t worry if a piece of your mag broke off, it is still repairable. By making use of a Tig welder and using high grade aluminum we can weld mag wheels to industry and insurance standards. If appropriate, the damaged area will be cut and shaped to receive the weld.  It will then be welded in and outside using welding equipment which minimizes the amount of heat transferred into the alloy but with the intention of maximizing the strength of the weld without unnecessarily softening the alloy. We always weld in such a way that the repair is at least flush with the surface of the wheel.  The wheel will then be passed to a lathe operative so that the welded area can be machined back to create a seamless finish.  If necessary, the welded areas will then be sanded and smoothed off by hand to complete the job. As with all of our alloy wheel repair services we will only weld a wheel where we are confident that the repaired wheel will be safe for everyday use.  If we have any concerns about potential risks, we will advise you once the wheel has been inspected. We also offer specialized service of welding any aluminum parts and objects, in a quick turnaround time.